346 Faraday Mill Trade Park
Cattewater Road

Phone: +44 (01752) 22-22-22

Why Drive For TAXIFIRST?

When you become a driver with TAXIFIRST, you will be joining Plymouths Largest and most professional private hire operator.

To become a taxi driver you have to:

  • pass both courses (Knowledge & Driving Test)
  • pass a medical
  • be over 25 years of age
  • held your driving licence for at least one year

Once qualified you will be a self employed driver, sub contracting to TAXIFIRST. You can work any hours you want and enjoy high earnings.

Driver FAQ

Do I need my own vehicle?

No. You can rent a licensed vehicle ready to work, which you can keep to use in your own time for as long as you remain with the company. Alternatively you can purchase your own vehicle.

Do I need experience?

You do not necessarily need experience of driving a private hire vehicle. If you are enthusiastic, reliable, have a good knowledge of Plymouth you are welcome to apply to become a Taxi driver. You will need a Public Carriage Office licence in order to work for us.

How much will I earn?

The answer to this question is completely in your own hands. Naturally, the more journeys you complete, the more money you will receive.

Will I be paid cash for every journey?

There are two types of booking at TAXIFIRST. Our priority service is account based bookings. For these journeys, you will not receive cash from the client, but you will be paid weekly.
Secondly, there are cash bookings. For these journeys, the passenger will pay you directly, in cash, when you have completed the journey.

Will I be self-employed?

Yes. All our drivers are self-employed and sub contract to TAXIFIRST.

Do I pay for my own fuel?

Yes. It is the driver’s responsibility to ensure that his/her vehicle always contains enough fuel to complete each journey.

What do I need to become a driver?

Before starting work you will need to provide us with, a full clean driving licence and 2 forms of identification clearly showing your current address and a full Clean CRB

Call us on 01752 600010 for more information